System zgłoszeń dla sygnalistów

Dear colleague

if you have recently witnessed any abuse or breach happening in the company - this is the right place to report it to persons responsible for corporate security and transparency. Each such report will be reviewed by the President of the Management Board and the Internal Auditor. This kind of information on irregularities is of great importance to us it helps us preserve the good reputation of the company and to avoid financial losses. Integrity and reliability are our priorities. Help us provide them and fight the manifestations of economic crime.

Submit your report anonymously (using the secure mailbox) or complete the submission form by entering personal information. Our recommendation: do both, set up a secure mailbox and provide personal information. This is the most optimum way for us to handle the notifications we receive and the safest form of communication. Every whistle blower is fully assured that personal information and details of the reported case will remain confidential. We ensure full confidentiality.

Also let us emphasize that this system of reporting any breach and irregularity cannot be used to deliberately used for slander and for submitting false information knowingly.

What events should be reported?

We have created for you a system to help you report serious irregularities in the company, such as cases of bribery, embezzlement or suspicious financial operations. This is the kind of irregularities that should be reported using a reporting form or secure mailbox.


Here are some tips on how you can ensure your anonymity. For starters, to file a report you must use a PC other than a PC provided by the company that is owned or has been provided by your employer. Also, when filing your report, do not use the company/internal network.

Then, we recommend accessing this system by copying or typing the URL directly into your browser window. It is not recommended to click on the link.

Providing your personal data is voluntary and optional.

Setting up a safe mailbox

The secure mailbox is where you can send a breach report and also receive any further messages on the issue you reported. Once the box is set up, you will receive a case number and a password. Using these credentials you will be able to log back into your secure mailbox and follow how the case is handled. 
We do encourage whistle blowers to provide their personal details as well as personal details of persons involved in the incident being reported as this usually helps resolve the reported issue. Communication may also be fully anonymous should this be preferred by the whistle blower.

Report breach
or go to safe mailbox

Wolisz zgłosić nieprawidłowość przy pomocy poczty tradycyjnej?

Kieruj korespondencję na poniższy adres:

Zgłoszenie – Sygnał
Dział Audytu Wewnętrznego
ul.Rymarkiewicz 6, 98-300 Wieluń

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